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July 19th  

“Do not be afraid; keep on speaking, do not be silent. 10 For I am with you, and no one is going to attack and harm you, because I have many people in this city.”

 Consider & Pray

The Love of the Father 
What amazing news that despite our sin and shame, God looked at us in love and sent his son for us. Just like the city of Corinth, our hearts were far from him and he opened our hearts to see our need of him and opened our eyes to see his beauty and grace. Pray that God would go ahead of us and continue to do this great work in opening the eyes of the blind to see and receive his love.
The Work of Jesus
Do you believe that Jesus went to the cross for you? Do you believe that his death paid the price for your sins? if you do not, God calls you now to turn from where you are, cast all that you have, and are, on him. He can handle the biggest mess and he can carry the greatest weight. This is not something to be postponed, recognize that it is only through Jesus you will ever know hope and peace. Accept the amazing free gift of love for you. 
(If you want to talk more through this, please feel free to get in touch through the contact page.)
The Power of the Holy Spirit
God the Holy Spirit testifies to the truth of the Father and the Son, pray that he would go ahead of us, that he would use even us to spread the glorious hope of Jesus Christ. That he would protect us and embolden us to share the love of God with the lost. 
Christian Booklet

Children's     Challenge

Song to Start  - 

God Showed Us His Love - Awesome Cutlery 


This week's song reminds us that God showed us his love, even when we were his enemies.  Why not sing it together as a family to remind you of this amazing truth. Nick and Siobhan will send around some actions via the families WhatsApp group too. 

Activity 1 -   Cleaning or mending task. 

In Acts 18 we learn that Jesus came down to earth to spend time with people who were dirty and broken. Jesus showed people that they could be forgiven by God for the things they had done wrong, their hearts were dirty and God made them clean. Could you clean or mend something for someone else in your family, to remind you of the amazing work God can do in mending and cleaning our hearts? Perhaps you could help clean the car, or wipe down the kitchen cupboards or tape up a well read book?

Heart Graffiti

Activity 2 -   Fixing our broken hearts craft


Make a heart out of paper, then cut it into two pieces. Then cut a cross shape out of a separate piece of paper, and colour it in. Then stick the broken heart together using the Cross. Only Jesus on the cross can fix our broken hearts. You could then decorate the shiny clean heart and write some of the attributes of Jesus on the heart to remind you about him. 

Activity 3-   Jigsaw puzzle


Without Jesus in our lives it is like our hearts are broken into lots of pieces and only Jesus can put them back together again. Could you do a tricky jigsaw puzzle together as a family and talk about what you have learnt about Jesus whilst you put the pieces together. How big a puzzle can you do 40 pieces/60 pieces/100 pieces 500 pieces? 

Something for later in the week


Through the summer holidays, Faith in Kids are running a Summer Series on their Facebook page, this week's theme will be the Garden - see the Bible's Restoration Story. Each week there will be a family devotion, a DIY Bible Time, a Family Podcast, an encouragement for parents, and a Blog article. We hope you can take the opportunity of the summer holidays to open up the Bible and explore some of it's greatest themes together. 

Here's the link

Worship Music 

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