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25th October 2020


Please pray before you start that God would speak today.

Consider & Pray

God Spoke​

What a great God we have; that He would reveal himself to us through the scriptures. Pray that as we read His word we would see more of Him and recognize our great need of Him. Pray that through the work of the Holy Spirit our appetites would grow in their desire to see Him more and more each day.

Let's Listen

Let us listen to the wonderful proclamation of His glorious love for us. Let the lens that we see the world and respond to the world, be through the revelation of Jesus Christ.  Pray that we would not only want to emulate his character, but be motivated and driven by his work that was accomplished on the cross for us, and worship Him with our lives - like Paul says in Romans 12:1- as living sacrifices that would be holy and pleasing to him. 

Bible Lessons
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Don't forget Zoom Coffee at 11:15am this Sunday

Children's     Challenge

Song to Start    

All About Jesus- click here


Every word of Your Word is true
They were all breathed out by You
Your Spirit wrote through men
Like a pen in the hand of a God Who knew
That we would need to know how much You love us so
You wrote it down for us forever, Oh
From Genesis to Revelation there's one story of Your great salvation
It's all about Jesus, oh, it's all about Jesus
Shoutin' out from every page, there's one Hero that'll save the day
It's all about Jesus, oh, it's all about Jesus
Every word of Your Word gives light
Like the sun that shines so bright
It leads us day by day


Activity  1  

Jesus Story Book Bible Prayer - Click Here

How about listening to the Lord's prayer?  This is an easy to understand version of the Lord's prayer that you could listen to, then take it in turns to ask God to speak to you as you think about him and read his word together.

Activity  2-

Read Hebrews  1:1-2

1 In the past God spoke to our ancestors through the prophets at many times and in various ways, 2 but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son...

This passage from the Bible tells us, like our first song, that God has spoken to us! Isn't it amazing that God speaks to me and you?   He tells us all about us and our world but most of all he speaks about himself. God has shown us who he is by sending his Son - Jesus. As the song we listened to says; the Bible is all about Jesus and about Him coming down to rescue us.


Activity 3 

Guessing Game 

Get your mum and dad to find three objects from around the house and try to describe them to you...see how many clues it takes for you to guess what it is they are describing.  When you guess correctly you can have a look and see. 

How about you have a turn and find something in the house you coud describe and see if they can work out what it is!

God spoke about himself through the prophets and used different ways but when Jesus came God was revealed to all that believed.  


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Christianity Explored

We are looking to run a new Christianity Explored course starting this Sunday evening if you are interested in joining us please get in touch via the contacts page.

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