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September 27th

Acts  23:11

Please pray before you start that God would speak and you would hear him.

 Consider & Pray

Sharing Jesus 
One area that I did not touch on in the sermon, was that there is a real urgency to our mission to share the gospel. It is important that we ask God to open up opportunities to speak to others. 
We need to ask God to help develop in our hearts a deeper understanding of the true tressure we posses.  What we have is truly good news for a world that is in desperate need of a saviour.
Spend some time in prayer, especially praying for those that God has put on your hearts this morning.  Ask Him not only to prepare and soften their hearts but give you his words of life as you seek to display the brilliance and glory of our resurrected saviour.
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Don't forget Zoom Coffee at 11:15am Sunday

Children's     Challenge

Song to Start  - Tell The World - Lecrae


In this song a man is comparing himself to a billboard, which is like a great big sign that you might see on a motorway or the side of a bus. This man thinks he is like a billboard because he wants to tell the world all about Jesus. He is so happy because Jesus has loved him and saved him, it really is good news and he wants the whole world to know.

Activity 1 - Tell the World 

What makes you feel excited?
What do you like talking about, drawing or playing with?


In today's passage, Paul shows us by the way he lives and what he says what he ismost excited about.

Paul is so thrilled to know Jesus who has saved him, loved him and takes care of him every day.


What do you love about Jesus?

What could you tell someone about Jesus?


Could you record a short video and share something that you think is great about Jesus on whats-app to the family group?

It could be a picture, something you’ve written, a song, a story in your favourite kids bible whatever you choose.

Old Globe

Activity 2 -  The Good News is for the Whole World


Could you make a globe using a paper plate, and make the countries and oceans our of craft materials? And then add the Bible verse John 3:16 to your picture of the world to remind you that this message is for the whole world?

Worship Music 

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