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August 30th

The Fruit of the Spirit

Galations 5:13-26

Pray before you start that God would speak and you would hear him.

 Consider & Pray

Are you relentlessly pursuing Christ?
What are you praying for other people (who don't know Jesus)?
The closer you are to Christ, the more you will be like him.
Fruit & Vegetable Market

Children's     Challenge

Song to Start  - 

To Be Like Jesus

See if you can follow along with the words and actions!

Lyrics HERE

Activity 1 -  Fruit of the Spirit craft  

Can you make a Fruit of the Spirit wheel, like the one in this video to remind what was talked about in the passage?

Image by Jo Sonn

Activity 2 -  Sing today's song together

This morning we have been thinking about what it would mean to be more like Jesus, sing the song together as a family and then talk together about what it means to "walk and talk like Jesus". 

Worship Music 

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