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31st January 2020



We encourage you to spend some time in prayer and ask God to speak to you this morning through his word.

Consider & Pray

      12 For I will forgive their wickedness 
         and will remember their sins no more.”  

Heb 8:12

Ask God to help you live in the reality of this great truth, that through repentance and belief in Jesus you can know all your sin dealt with once and for all. Jesus our Great High priest has freed us and brought us into the presence of God. 

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Don't forget Zoom Coffee at 11:15am this Sunday.

If would like to join to say hello get in touch via the contacts page.

Children's  Activities

Song to Start

Activity 1 - Story time - The Garden, the Curtain and the Cross 


God asked his people to build the Tabernacle so he could be with them. It was a special tent where a man called a high priest could listen and talk to God. But this was never the plan forever, God's plan was not to meet us in a tent but meet us in our hearts. 

The Tabernacle was a model -  a way of showing people what God’s big plan was. That plan was to send Jesus who would become like that High priest and who would bring us close to God if we believed in him, but Jesus would be so much better because he was God and he could do this forever and ever.

If you have a copy of 'The Garden, The Curtain and The Cross' then why not read it together, or you can watch a video of the story in the video above.


Activity 2 - Create a Tabernacle 


Could you make a model of a Tabernacle, or a picture of the Tabernacle? 

Could you make a tent in your house like the tabernacle and think about what it would have been like to see in real life. 

Whilst in your tent you could thank God that you don’t have to meet him in a tent, but you can meet him anywhere if we believe in Jesus.  

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