3rd January 2021

Jesus The King

Matthew 2

"Where is the one who has been born King of The Jews?"

King on Card

Worship Music 


Never Once

King of Kings

O Jesus King Most Wonderful

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Children's     Challenge

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Jesus is the King


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Jesus is the King!

After Christmas comes Epiphany, the day that it is said the Magi/Wise Men/Kings, visited Jesus, bringing him gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Activity - Decorate a Crown


Can you make a crown fit for a King? Or make a crown and write on it a prayer to say thank you and praise God that Jesus is the King. You could use the words from the song to help you.

 Activity - Follow the Journey.

Find a world map or an atlas and see if you can find the different places mentioned in today's passage.
Where does the Queen of England live? How far would you travel to visit her? If you went to visit her what do you think you might take her as a gift?


Think about where (the place) and in what (the setting) the Magi found Jesus, the King. Think about the different gifts they brought him, do you know what they were for?

Give thanks to God for Jesus who is our Great King.