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4th October 2020

Acts 26 17-18

Please pray before you start that God would speak and you would hear him.

 Consider & Pray



We are all missing singing together, but don’t let not being together stop you. Put on a song of worship you know well and just sing, praise God this morning and sing praise to him for the hope he gives you in Jesus Christ.


Spend some time in prayer asking God to help you understand the implications of what he has done for you as you meditate on Acts 26:17-18.

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Don't forget Zoom Coffee at 11:15am Sunday

Children's     Challenge

Song to Start  - Hope 


This week's kids song reminds us that there is always Hope in the Lord.

Activity - Make An Anchor 

Hope in Jesus is like a strong anchor that holds a boat safe in a rough sea. But this anchor is unbreakable and the rock that it is anchored to is solid. 


Can you make an anchor? 


Can you make one out of cardboard and make a chain out of paper 

Could you write on it that “Jesus is our hope” and decorate as you like.


Then put your anchor somewhere you can see it to remind your family that; Jesus is who we need in our lives because we will go through tricky times, but we can know that he is always there with us if we trust in Him.


Christianity Explored

We are looking to run a new Christianity Explored course starting next Sunday evening if you are interested in joining us please get in touch via the contacts page.

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