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Acts 20

August 8th

      1 Give thanks to the LORD, call on his name;
      make known among the nations what he has done.
      2 Sing to him, sing praise to him;
      tell of all his wonderful acts.
      3 Glory in his holy name;
      let the hearts of those who seek the LORD rejoice.
      4 Look to the LORD and his strength;
      seek his face always.


Pray before you start that God would speak and you would hear him.

 Consider & Pray

United, Encouraged & Driven
It is clear from this text just how powerful the gospel is - how this message radically changed the world and united so many different groups and nations together. Spend some time in prayer praying for some of your brothers and sisters in Christ; pray like Paul (Ephs 1:18)  that they would know more of the hope and riches in Christ.
We are encouraged when we are reminded of Jesus' great work of completion for us on the cross - pray for opportunities to share with others the comfort and encouragement it brings to know that the work is complete, and in turn encourage them.
Ask the Holy Spirit to develop in you a greater appetite for God. Ask that He would burn like fire and that we would not get enough.
Old Window

Children's     Challenge

Song to Start  - 
Gods Great Family

In this week's Bible passage we hear of the Gospel drawing people together. The lyrics in this song also remind us of this "When the Father draws us, it's like a magnet's pull, He's irresistible." Enjoy singing this together and there will be an action video sent around on the church families WhatsApp.

Activity 1 -   Magnetic Pull

The gospel is a bit like a magnet, it draws things together. The power of the gospel binds us and helps us to stick together as a church. Can you create some paper people, then stick paper clips to the back of them? Then make a fishing rod and attach a magnet to the end so that you can pick the people up. The magnet is doing the same job as the gospel it is attracting people. 

Compass Pointing North

Activity 2 -   Compass

Do you have a compass in your house? Could you try it out in different places at home to check if it always points to North? The Gospel is like a compass, it always points us to God and his love can always encourage and comfort us. 

Activity 2 -   Motors

Do you know how motors work? They use magnets to drive the wheels round and round. Could you read about how motors work together as a family or look online at some videos of the new electric car motors and how they work? They are moved along by magnets that have electricity applied to them. The Gospel is like the magnet and the Holy Spirit is like the electricity, making the church move along. 

Worship Music 

Beirut Aerial View

Let us pray for Lebanon and the many thousands there that have been affected by this blast. Pray that God would equip his people there to be a great comfort and support and to bring hope into hopeless places.

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