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 July 12th  

 Consider & Pray

We live in a multilayered and complex culture. It is important that we spend time with people. Often we can be too quick to share what we think rather than listen and understand their thoughts. What are some of the reasons we should spend time finding out what others think before sharing the gospel?
Spend some time thinking about the true treasure that we have in knowing Christ. Ask God to remind us of His great love and to develop in us hearts of greater tenderness to those who do not yet have such hope. Pray that hearts would grow in affection and concern for the lost.
Ask God to send his Holy Spirit to go ahead of you this week, to help you to speak with relevance to those he puts before you. Pray for boldness to speak and hearts of loving-kindness and gentleness to proclaim the amazing message of Jesus.  
Stack of Tires

Children's     Challenge

Song to Start  - 

My God is so Big


Here is a link to a video of the Veggie Tales singing the song. The Watsons will send an actions video around via the church families WhatsApp

Activity 1 -   "God is"... Mobile 

In today's passage from Acts we learn that God is the Creator, Ruler, Sustainer, Father and Judge. Can you make a mobile which says "God is..." and then hang all of the things God is on cards from the mobile? Write the word on one side of the card and then on the other side, younger ones may want to draw a picture that explains the word with your help, and older ones may be able to write what the word means on the other side. 

Space Supernova

Activity 2 -   "God is.." Wheel


Make a wheel to remind you that God is the Creator, Ruler, Sustainer, Father and Judge. You will need two circles of card. Draw lines to divide the first circle into 5 wedges. On each wedge write one of the words to describe God. One the second piece of card, cut out one wedge, and write the words "God is..." on the front and decorate it. Then put the first card with the describing words behind the 'God is' card and join the two pieces together with a split pin and then you can move the circle around to show God is Creator/Sustainer/Ruler/Father and Judge. 

Worship Music 

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