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Acts 20:13 - 38

August 16th

“Now I commit you to God and to the word of his grace, which can build you up and give you an inheritance among all those who are sanctified.

 Ac 20:32 

Pray before you start that God would speak and you would hear him.

 Consider & Pray

But I'm not an elder!
Although I may have emphasized that this message was directed to elders, there are very important principles for all of us in this passage. At some point or another, we all find ourselves in positions where we need to instruct and direct people to Jesus.
The more we know of this great Gospel the more we will give it value and see the importance of guarding it and treasuring it in our own hearts. Think and pray about how you could do this. 
Spend some time thanking God for our Worldwide church family.  Now spend time thinking and thanking God for people in our own congregation who have helped and supported you over the years. Ask God to fill you with the knowledge of His great love for you, so this spills out into love and grace toward others.
The Bible is very clear that there are many who will seek to distort the word of God. Pray that God would give us wisdom to discern his truth from false teaching and that he would grant Godly wisdom to the elders and all those who bring God's word to us.
Bible Lessons

Children's     Challenge

Song to Start  - 

All About Jesus

In this week's Bible passage we hear of the importance of people knowing all about Jesus.  This song is all about how the entire Bible is "All About Jesus" - from beginning to end, and the more we know of the Bible the more we know and understand Jesus. 

Activity 1 -  Teacher - Teacher 

Lots of different people help us to understand God's word, a little bit like teachers. They help us to understand who God is and what he has done. In this passage, Paul tells the elders in the church (who are a bit like teachers) to make sure they understand the bible well so they can teach it clearly to others. What do you know about God? Could you teach others in your family something about him?  For a bit of fun could you dress up like a teacher and make one of your rooms like a classroom to teach others in?

Empty Classroom

Activity 2 -   Blindfold challenge

How good are you at listening to instructions?  Do you think you could move around your house with a blindfold on, listening to someone else's' instructions? What happens when you get it wrong? What happens when the instructions are wrong? How far can you get around your house blindfolded listening to clear instructions?  Think about what would happen if Paul and the Elders in this story did not listen properly to God's instructions.

Worship Music 

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