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Christmas Books

We have pulled together a bit of a list of activities/resources you might find helpful over advent which will be starting pretty soon.

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The Christmas Promise, by Alison Mitchell is a beautiful book retelling the Christmas narrative, instead of focussing just on the Christmas story it goes back further and shows God had made promises and Jesus is the one who fulfills them. There is also an advent calendar to go with the book available and an activity book via The Good Book Company website

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Another Christmas book is The Littlest Watchman which really focuses in on the theme of waiting. Waiting for Christmas and waiting for Jesus to come back. 
Again there is an advent calendar to go along with the book on The Good Book Company website.

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The Jesse Tree ties in with the Jesus Storybook bible really well. There is a link below.  The 24 day reading plan through the bible shows that Jesus has always been at the centre of the plan. There are activities like colouring decorations and stringing them up on bunting each day as a good way to tell the Bible story from Genesis to Jesus with the kids.

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For family advent devotions -  It’s 25 daily readings with questions and a journaling space looking at God's plan for Christmas

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If you are looking for an activity book check out the Bake through the Bible at Christmas book, which has baking activities for 12 Bible stories for you to bake together, share a story, and something to talk about.

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A music CD/Spotify suggestion would be Colin Buchanan’s Christmas album

Interesting Stuff 

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This podcast is about pointing children to Jesus during Advent.
The interview is with Barbara Reaoch who wrote the 'A Jesus Christmas' daily advent readings. They talk about ideas for different ages and the reality of what a family Bible time looks like.

The King Has Arrived - Looks interesting 

To read a full review - Follow the link. 

To look at purchasing - Follow the link.

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Bibles & Books

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Jesus Storybook Bible - a firm favorite for many for good reason.

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Friends have recommended 

"The Big Picture Bible"

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The Beginners Bible & Biginners Bible Toddlers

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The Eric Says series are ace, they have a lovely rhyme to them and introduce the themes of Grace, giving thanks, and not letting pride get in the way with a relatable story.

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