Colossians 1:1-23 

29th March

Questions To Consider

  • What do we learn about the divinity of Jesus & what perspective does that bring us?​​​​ (extra verses for further study if you wish John 14:5-14)

  • What do we learn about the humanity of Jesus & what comfort does that bring us? (extra verses for further study if you wish Hebrews 4:14-16)

  • What was one of the clear reasons that Jesus came to live on earth? (Focus on vs—15 -19)

  • What is it that we learn about the work of Jesus & what assurance and hope does that bring us?

Image by Jeremy Thomas

For some of the families out there with little ones...

Why not read the passage together but perhaps later focus on Verses Col 1:15-17

Children's  - Challenge

Watch this Fun Song to Start -

Jesus is the King (click here)

Challenge 1. -    Nick and Siobhan will be recording a video of them doing the actions for this song and will share this via WhatsApp - The challenge is for the Children and families to learn the actions this week and send a video back!


This song references a number of stories from the gospels too. 


Challenge 2 -   Make "collage" crowns.  Make a crown from card/old cereal box and draw pictures or stick pictures from magazines onto the crown to show some of the things that Jesus is King of, then we can do the same as last week to share the videos/photos via WhatsApp.

Water color paints

Thoughts for Prayer

Woman with Bible
  • The list for all those that need prayer at this time is big, but we know we have a God who is so much BIGGER (as we have been studying together)- bring all to him; from prime ministers to bin-men. All are vulnerable and all are valuable.  

  • Those who are isolated and lonely, (care homes, hospitals & prisons) 

  • Pray for faith and not fear as children of God 

  • Opportunities for us to share the hope and security we have in Jesus.

  • Pray for peace in homes, towns, cities, and nations.

  • Pray for developing countries around the world who lack the infrastructure to cope with this pandemic.

Worship music 

coming soon "Spotify playlist" to help us sing some new songs when we get back together - if you have any sugestions get in touch) 

Reading Through Luke 

Holy bible detail

Final Video