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Acts 15:36 - 16:10

 June 21st 

 Consider & Pray

The Mighty River 
How amazing it is to see God's mighty hand at work in the Bible, but some times we fail to remember that his powerful spirit and will is still at work today. As churches face various trials and challenges we must remember, God's mighty power, sovereignty and grace is so much greater than our mistakes and failures.
Ask God for forgiveness for the times you have not loved and shown love and grace towards your brothers and sisters. Ask for God's mighty hand to do abundantly more than we ask or deserve to build his church for His glory. 
The Main Flow 
Pray that as a church we would see the importance of loving God with all our hearts and loving each other. Pray also that we would remain in the flow of God's gracious work; following Jesus. Pray that we would not be distracted by issues on the edge of the 'main flow', or put obstacles in the way of each other - But that we would be selfless and Christlike in the way we live. 
God's Plan 
Pray that as a church we would be open to the way that God is leading us, that we would be sensitive to what God tells us in his word and that we would seek to follow his will faithfully and not our own. 


Mountain and River
This channel is coming soon!

If you want a recap of the first few chapters of Acts here is a helpful video from the site

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Children's     Challenge

Song to Start  - 

God is Bigger by Awesome Cutlery


This song reminds us that even though things go wrong, God is bigger and God is stronger! Nick and Siobhan will send around an actions video on the church families WhatsApp. 


Activity 1 -   God is stronger than...


Could you create a collage of pictures of things or people that are strong? We're thinking trains, cranes, diggers, swimmers, rugby players, rockets, volcanoes. You could use pictures from magazines, or draw your own? Talk about God being stronger than all of these things. 

Or you could create a list of the things that your child thinks are strong and then remind them that God is stronger than all of these things. 

Installation Power Buggy Rental
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Activity 2 -   Father's Day

Today is Father's Day. Talk together about how our mums and dads love us even when we get things wrong. Then talk about how much greater God's love for us is. God doesn't ever get things wrong, we should love and obey him because he is a Father we can trust even in difficult times. In today's story we saw that Paul trusted him even when it was hard to, and that's what we should do too. 

Could you write a thank you prayer to your Heavenly Father, for his never giving up and perfect love?

Worship Music 

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