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Acts 12

24th May

"But the word of God continued to spread and flourish. "

Acts 12:24

 Consider & Pray

My Story?
  • Think or discuss what it really means, that if you believe in Jesus your names are written in the "Book of Life" and will not be blotted out. How does such an eternal perspective help us in our daily walk?
  • God is in Control -
    • This should anchor our anxiety and give us much comfort, meditate on what this means for us that he is both the author and perfector ​of our faith.
  • God Listens - 
    • How comforting it is that our imperfect prayers are heard, ask for forgiveness for your lack of faith, ask God to fill you with confidence in his power, and pray big this morning. ​Perhaps share a story where you, like the group waiting in the house were amazed by answered prayer.
  • God has a Plan -
    • Thank God that he has a plan and includes you in it! Ask him to make clear to you His will for you. Ask for the power of the Holy Spirit to shape and motivate you through being filled with the love of Jesus to serve Him with joy. 
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If you want a recap of the first few chapters of Acts here is a helpful video from the site

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Children's  - Challenge

Song to Start  -  My God is so big  

Today's children's song is My God is so Big, So Strong and So Mighty. Listen to the Veggie Tales singing it at the link here, and Nick and Siobhan will send a video with the actions around for you to join in with. 


Activity 1 -   Act out the scene of Peter being rescued

Can you act out the rescue of Peter from jail and make a video? You could make your own jail out of cardboard boxes or use lego to build one. 

Image by Denny Müller

Activity 2   - Paper Chains 


In this story Peter is in jail, he would have been wearing chains. Can you make some chains out of paper and put them on your wrists and talk about how Peter would have felt.


Then can you break the chains from your wrists so you are free? Talk about how Peter would have felt when he was rescued.  Who was able to free Peter from jail?  


Questions to ask your children after reading the story:


Preschoolers - Who helped Peter out of jail?


Infants - Who put Peter in jail? How did he get out? 


Juniors - What were the church doing when Peter was in jail?

How did they react when he arrived at the door? 

Worship Music 

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