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Acts 13

 May 31st 

Let's start asking God to speak to us this morning and

Listening to...

Holy, Holy, Holy


 Consider & Pray

The Missing Piece!
  • Think about how we communicate the Gospel, is it big enough in our own mind? Have we truly appreciated it's scope? Ask God to give you a fresh vision of how "Massive" this Gospel is. That your heart would be so filled with his love and grace that sharing such joy and hope would naturally flow from you.
  • God fills the hole in our past - 
    • If you trust in Jesus as your savior you stand forgiven. Is there guilt and shame from your past that Jesus has dealt with that you dredge up? He has filled that hole, you stand righteous before him. Ask him to fill you with the joy of knowing with certainty that you stand uncondemned. (Rom8)  
  • God fills the hole in our present - 
    • Ask God to give you a greater appetite to read his "love letter" to you (his word the Bible) over and over again, that we would find complete satisfaction in him, and that we would not be snared by Satan into worshiping anything but him.
  • God fills the hole in our future  -
    • 'Have we trials and temptations, is there trouble anywhere - we take it to our savior in prayer'....We have One who is in control, who has assured us of a great and joyous future, and who has filled our future with certainty- Praise him!​​
Missing Piece
This channel is coming soon!

If you want a recap of the first few chapters of Acts here is a helpful video from the site

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Children's  - Challenge

Song to Start  -  The Greatest  Treasure 

Today's children's song is The Greatest Treasure. 

Sorry, no actions today :(  

But listen to the song and have a chat about the chorus and what it means.


Activity 1 -   Go and Find 

Go around your house and find something that is important to you, your favorite toy maybe, then go and find a toy that used to be important to you but you have now grown out of. Talk about how things that we treasure don't last.  But Jesus does!  He fills a hole because his love is forever and ever if we trust in him.

Smiling Worker

Activity 2   - Building a Tower  

Paul and Barnabus sail all the way to an Island to tell people that Jesus is so important and he is such a big piece in their lives that only he can fill. He is so important that lives are not secure or stable without him. 

We all know the story of the wise man and the foolish man...

A great Lego version here 

...building their house upon the sand and rock...

Build two towers, one on solid ground and one on some wobbly ground, see which one is more stable.

(feel free to share your constructions - Don't forget your hard hat) - and why not sing "the wise man built his house upon the rock"

Talk about why Jesus is so important in our lives and why he must be the most important part of our lives, as our foundation. He is the biggest piece of our puzzling lives, that supports us and helps us in difficult times. 

Worship Music 

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