Acts 9:32 - 43 

3rd May


We too like the disciples find ourselves in a broken world. Consider the issues that you see throughout the week, that as a child of God you could speak into as an ambassador of his kingdom. Think about the gifts that He has blessed you with, to bring his kingdom values into your circle of friends, colleagues, and acquaintances.  



Pray for opportunities this week to share the hope we have in knowing Jesus with people. Pray that God would fill you with boldness to do this. 


If we know Jesus as our Lord and saviour, then we too like those in Acts are to take the gospel out into all nations. This work extends from our own homes and towns to the ends of the earth. Many of us will be supporting a number of missionaries in different ways. In the video, I mention the "Joshua Project" it's worth checking out, it makes clear how much work there is still to do. I also mentioned our persecuted brothers and sisters around the world, have a look at "Open Doors" and the "Barnabas fund" websites for more information and commit some time in prayer to some of these issues.  You could also download MERF's (middle east reformed fellowship) newsletter here & Matters for Prayer
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If you want a recap of the first few chapters of Acts here is a helpful video from the site

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Children's  - Challenge

Song to Start  -  God is Bigger

In today's passage, there are people in different places with problems. This song talks about the problems we might face in daily life and the fact that God is Bigger than all of them.


Activity 1 -    for the younger ones


In today's passage the good news is being told in different places. Talk with your children about what the good news is, and make a heart out of newspaper (stuck to some backing card or an old cereal box to make it stronger) and decorate the heart together and then write the words "Good News - Jesus Loves You" on the heart to help your little ones remember that the good news is for them too. 


Activity 2   - for the older ones 


A lot happens in this passage, Paul goes to different places, meets different people with different problems and God is at work. Could you write a newspaper article with some pictures, to tell us what has happened in this passage? What will the title of your newspaper be? You could design your own front page or if you'd like a template there is one here; 

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Thoughts for Prayer

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  • Pray that God would light up our hearts giving them a renewed understanding of his great love for us.

  • Pray that God would empower us through his Holy Spirit to boldly proclaim the good news of Jesus, and to share the love and grace we have been shown.

  • The list for all those that need prayer at this time is big, but we know we have a God who is so much BIGGER (as we have been studying together)- bring all to him; from prime ministers to bin-men. All are vulnerable and all are valuable.  

  • Those who are isolated and lonely, (care homes, hospitals & prisons) 

  • Pray for faith and not fear as children of God 

  • Opportunities for us to share the hope and security we have in Jesus.

  • Pray for peace in homes, towns, cities, and nations.

  • Pray for developing countries around the world who lack the infrastructure to cope with this pandemic.

Worship Music 

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