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 July 5th  

 Consider & Pray

Before we concern our selves with evangelism it is so important to see God as He is. To see God and stand in awe of his grandeur and power. Like Job standing before God (see song below: "where were you")  We should orientate our thinking about God and his plan, recognize that we are nothing without his Spirit going before us.  Pray that God would reveal his great will to us as individuals and as a church as we seek to proclaim the gospel. Pray that he would open doors for more opportunities to reach the lost.
Paul knew the scriptures as we have seen from this text. He searched them and found Jesus which brought him so much closer to Him, and with greater conviction. Pray that God would grow an appetite in you too;  to know more of Him and his Saving grace, and that you would find greater hope in his promises that he offers you through Jesus. Pray that your knowledge would not be head knowledge but heart knowledge -  that would drive your Determination to proclaim the hope we have to the lost.
Pray that God would show you the depths of the riches of his love and grace to you. Pray that you would see a glimpse of his loving-kindness and his offer of love and grace to the world. Thank God that he has chosen to use you as his instrument and pray he would shape and fashion you to uniquely proclaim the gospel' to those, both in your circles, and outside of them. Pray that your heart would grow to become more like Christs' in both affection and mercy for the lost.  
Playing the transverse flute

Children's     Challenge

Song to Start  - 

We Are the Church


No actions today because as your challenge you are going to play along to the song!  We would like you to think about the church as an Orchestra made up of different instruments. 

Activity 1 -   Your Instrument 

I am not going to tell you what to make because that's kind of the point. God has made you with your own minds, with lots of good ideas. God is a creative God who loves diversity and loves it when different people come together to praise, worship, and work for Him. What instrument would you like to make?  What instrument could you make? What can you find around the house? - you could try and make a drumkit, guitar, a whistle out of a carrot?! (apparently - ask youtube!)  I think everyone will make something a little bit different and that's great.


Activity 2 -   The Orchestra


Play along with the song - we will all play the same song but in different ways, a bit like the church who tell people about Jesus - we all have the "same message" but have unique opportunities and ways to say it.

The song says:

"The church is a people

With many kinds of faces
All colours and all ages, too
From all times and places"

Think about how God has made you "YOU" ....what are you good at and what gifts can you use for his work?

We would love to see you play along just, share your videos on whats app if you like.

Worship Music 

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