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Acts 10 - 11:18 

10th May

Please read the passage and pray first

 Consider & Pray

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  • Do we see how grand the gospel is?
  • Are there people that we think are too far from God?
  • Meditate on how deep and wide the love of God is (Eph 3:18-21)
  • Thank God for his great love and mercy towards you, think about his grace in your own life and how you have been brought into his heavenly family.
  • Confidently bring before God those you thought were far from him, knowing that his love, power, and grace is sufficient. 
  • Ask God to embolden and fill you with the joy of your own salvation, so that you can be His ambassador for the Gospel of Christ.
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If you want a recap of the first few chapters of Acts here is a helpful video from the site

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Children's  - Challenge

Song to Start  -  All Around The World 

Song to start - All Around the World - Awesome Cutlery

Nick and Siobhan will send an "actions video" to the church families via WhatsApp and would love to see videos of you all trying the actions or acting out the song. 


Activity 1 -   "In and Out" Game


For younger children, it will take a bit of care to explain the link between Peter's vision of the animals and Cornelius' need to hear the Gospel. Peter thought he should only be telling people like him about Jesus, people who were the same as him, they were "in" and the gentiles were "out". The vision of the animals on the sheet shows that there is no "in" or "out" we all need to hear the good news of Jesus. 


Playing games and activities which reinforce the concept of some people being "in" and some "out" will help children grasp this concept. Here's some ideas; play "Guess Who" or Play a game of "In or Out" as a family or using play figures such as lego and ask yes or no questions such as do they have brown hair? are they wearing glasses? And point out to the children that each of these questions divides the group into two, the ones who say yes and the ones who say no, some people are "in" and some are "out".


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Geography Lesson

Activity 2   - God Loves Everybody Collage 


Today's Bible passage reinforces the message that the good news of Jesus is for everybody. Can you as a family create a collage using magazines/newspapers and your own drawings of lots of different people from different parts of the world and backgrounds and talk about the fact that the good news is for all of them? You could also include a picture of the world and different country flags to reinforce the message that the Gospel is for all people in all nations. 

We would love to see photos of your collages.

Worship Music 


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