LUKE 24:1- 35 

12th APRIL

Questions To Consider


1. Who has questions



2. What questions are they asking?



3. How do they receive answers? 

    How, then, do we find answers?

Children's  - Challenge

Challenge 1. -    We'll send a video of us doing the actions around on WhatsApp again this week. Joseph is particularly excited about this one. 

Screenshot 2020-04-11 at 11.20.36.png

Challenge 2 

Have an Easter Party - Easter Sunday is a day for celebrating the good news that Jesus rose from the dead and is alive! Children often associate celebrating with parties so why not decorate your house today for an Easter party and get dressed up in your party clothes.

Boys at Party

One simple idea is to make and decorate bunting which says "He has Risen", with one letter on each piece of bunting. The children might like to write their own or decorate around your writing. We would love to see photos of your family parties.  

Keep the party going - We'd like to encourage you as a family to join in with "The Surprise of your Life" Facebook  party with Awesome Cutlery and Faith in Kids at 2pm on Easter Sunday. These guys are brilliant at sharing big Bible truths with children of all ages, in an energetic and super fun way. 

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Thoughts for Prayer

Woman with Bible
  • Praise God!

  • Thank him for his work on the cross and conquering the grave.

  • Thank him for his provision, loving-kindness and his many mercies.

  • The list for all those that need prayer at this time is big, but we know we have a God who is so much BIGGER (as we have been studying together)- bring all to him; from prime ministers to bin-men. All are vulnerable and all are valuable.  

  • Those who are isolated and lonely, (care homes, hospitals & prisons) 

  • Pray for faith and not fear as children of God 

  • Opportunities for us to share the hope and security we have in Jesus.

  • Pray for peace in homes, towns, cities, and nations.

  • Pray for developing countries around the world who lack the infrastructure to cope with this pandemic.

Worship music 

​I am very thankful that a number of people have come forward to suggest some songs this week, feel free to get in touch and share for next week. 

Come now is the time to worship 

Man of Sorrows 

  Version 1 Traditional 

  Version 2 A thrilling new acapella version

What a beautiful name 

Father, I know that all my life 


Check out the FIEC Spotify Easter playlist on the information page 

Reading Through Luke 

Holy bible detail

Previous Sundays  - Services 

Psalm 46 -  A Psalm for troubled times. Looking to God for security and refuge.

Colossians 1:15 Who is Jesus - The Life of Jesus and why he came

Luke 23 Who is Jesus - The Death of Jesus and why he died.