Acts 9:19b - 31 

26th APRIL


New Perspective 
Consider or discuss your conversion and share your testimony, think about what you recall being a significant change in your perspective of Jesus.


New Purpose

Are there gifts that God has given you and are there ways in which he has shaped you that gives you opportunities to be used as his instrument.  Pray that God would reveal to you parts of your design that you could use for his service.


New Passion
We can all feel at times in our spiritual lives that we lack Passion.
Why, then, when this happens is it so important to remember our new perspective?
New Power
Pray that God would empower and embolden you this week to be his witness, so you can share the great news of the Gospel.

If you want a recap of the first few chapters of Acts here is a helpful video from the site

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Children's  - Challenge

Song to Start -

Light and a Hammer 

Challenge 1 - 

  This week we would like to challenge you to learn the song It's a Light and Hammer by Awesome Cutlery. Nick and Siobhan will send a video with the actions to families via WhatsApp and would love to see you singing along at home or recreating the song with props. 


Challenge 2 -   

"A BIG Change - Scavenger Hunt"


In this section of Act's 9 we see that someone was changed in a BIG way. 


Can you find 3 things in your house or garden that have been dramatically changed from their original state, and what it would have been like originally? For example a piece of wooden furniture and a tree. (I'll send some more examples to the grown ups) 


For younger children, parents could present a mixture of objects that are dramatically changed into other objects and the finished objects, and see if the children can match the right object with the original state. 


When you have found them or matched them up have a talk about:

What change has happened?

How did this change happen? Did the change happen by itself or was there some external force involved?


Who was changed in the Bible story we have read today?

How was he changed?

Water color paints
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Challenge 3-


Mask making 


In Acts 9 there has been a big change in Paul's heart. He was an angry man full of hate before he believed the good news of Jesus. After he trusted in Jesus he had a new perspective and passion, and he was happy to know that he had been saved. 


Can you make a double sided mask? On one side have Paul's angry face which shows what he was like before he trusted Jesus and on the other side have Paul's happy face showing what he was life after Jesus saved him. 


Talk with your children about how God changed Paul's heart and how he can do that for us too. 

Thoughts for Prayer

Woman with Bible
  • Pray that God would light up our hearts giving them a renewed understanding of his great love for us.

  • Pray that God would empower us through his Holy Spirit to boldly proclaim the good news of Jesus, and to share the love and grace we have been shown.

  • The list for all those that need prayer at this time is big, but we know we have a God who is so much BIGGER (as we have been studying together)- bring all to him; from prime ministers to bin-men. All are vulnerable and all are valuable.  

  • Those who are isolated and lonely, (care homes, hospitals & prisons) 

  • Pray for faith and not fear as children of God 

  • Opportunities for us to share the hope and security we have in Jesus.

  • Pray for peace in homes, towns, cities, and nations.

  • Pray for developing countries around the world who lack the infrastructure to cope with this pandemic.

Worship Music 

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