Open Door

The Church building is open to the public every Friday between 10am and 12pm. Refreshments are served and there is ample opportunity to meet up and chat with friends of the church, which lends itself to getting to know one another better.
A friendly, informal atmosphere exists and we usually have a good cross section of church members present, as well as friends and contacts from other local churches. We also meet up with folks who are on holiday as well as regular visitors from a local authority day centre. 
The main aim of open door (which has been running for over eight years) is to provide the opportunity to engage with a broad range of people and whenever possible to present the good news of the gospel message. We endeavour to meet people where they are ‘at’, without forcing our views on them. Occasionally we extend the open door to what is known as ‘lunchtime special’  - where we will serve a light lunch followed by a brief gospel message, usually delivered by our Pastor. We have discovered many people are prepared to enter our church building as long as they are not expected to participate in some form of organised service. We are thankful to the Lord for enabling us to carry out this particular church activity and have found it to be such a blessing to meet with people who have a broad range of needs and concerns. But above all, we want those who do not believe in the Lord Jesus to put their trust in Him.
In addition, Christian books and stationary are on display to purchase; And also some selected books and pamphlets that are available free of charge.

Charity No. 1171322

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Pastor: Paul Hadley
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Post Code: LL30 1TE