Troubled Times 

Psalm 46 -  A Psalm for troubled times. Looking to God for security and refuge.

Who is Jesus? 

Colossians 1:15 Who is Jesus - The Life of Jesus and why he came

Luke 23 Who is Jesus - The Death of Jesus and why he died.

Luke 24 Who is Jesus - The Resurrection of Jesus and why it matters.

Luke 24 - Acts 1 Who is Jesus - The Ascension of Jesus and what it means.

Studies in Acts 

Acts 9  - The 5 P's of New life in Christ Jesus

Acts 10  - Three more P's ! - The Scope of the Gospel. 

Acts 11:1-18  - Three Lenses to read the Bible

Acts 11:19-30 - What a Christian is and what one isn't.

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