Psalm 46

22nd March

Questions To Consider

1. What is it that we learn about God?

2. How should that affect the way that we think and behave?

3. Come up with three points that will sum up what you think that the Psalmist wants the reader to know?


(The psalm can be broken up into three sections, Verses 1-3, Verses 4-7 and verses 8-11

 this may help you think through some of those points.)

For some of the families out there with little ones...

Why not read the passage together but perhaps later focus on Verses 1–3 and verses 10-11.


Think about drawing or making a fort. I’ll leave that up to your imagination how you do it. But as you build it, you could talk about the importance of trusting in Jesus, because in him we are Safe and he will protect us.

Bonus For Families from YFC

Youth for Christ in Llandudno are trying to think about how we can serve families at this time. This isolation comes with an opportunity for families to reconnect and we’d like to help with that.


This is our first very rough stab at that - a placemat for Christian families with small children to have a ‘Sunday School’ session over the dinner table. Feel free to print, use, share, change - whatever. If it’s useful then let us know and we’ll make some more.


All the very best at this challenging time!

Tim Gough

Thoughts for Prayer

  • All those in Leadership, Politicians, Consultants, Headteachers, Pastors. 

  • Those who are in frontline care 

  • Those who are isolated and lonely

  • Those who are sick 

  • Pray for faith and not fear as children of God 

  • Opportunities to share the hope and security we have in Jesus.

  • Give thanks for Mothers on this Mothers Day

Some worship music to listen to

(if you like)

Shane and Shane Psalm 46

Martin Luther's Psalm 46 A Mighty Fortress

No Longer a Slave 

I'm sure once you're on youtube you'll find your own!

Final Video