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What to expect 

From Sunday 4th July we will return to meeting together in person on a Sunday morning at 10.30am at Queens Road Church in Craig y Don, Llandudno.  

For the time being we will not be running a children’s programme but we will aim to make our Sunday services accessible to all. Children will need to remain seated with their family during the service.  

We can’t wait to see you there!  

Please note that all Queens Road Church activities are conducted in accordance with the Welsh Government guidance for coronavirus suppression. This means a number of safety measure are currently necessary and will affect how our Sunday services operate.   


Please ensure you and those attending with you understand our procedures before attending by reading the guidance below.  

Ahead of Time

  • Due to space limitations you will be required to book in ahead of time. The online booking form will be sent out via email on a Friday morning for the following Sunday morning. The booking form needs to be completed by the end of Wednesday to allow time for the booking to be processed.  

  • If we are unable to accommodate your booking then will notify you via email by 6pm on the Friday evening before the Sunday service and we will give your booking priority for the following week.  

  • If you haven’t received the booking form and would like a link please email 

  • A pre-recorded video of the week’s sermon will still be available on the website’s Sunday service page. If we couldn’t accommodate you then please do join in by watching online. 

What to expect on arrival

  • Please stay home and watch online if you or any of your household or those you've had recent contact with are showing common symptoms of COVID-19 or have received a positive test result.  

  • Dress warmly. For public health reasons, the church building will be as well ventilated as possible, so you'll need to be prepared for this, especially on cold days.  

  • Arrive early - around 10-15 minutes before the gathering begins - so that you can complete Test & Trace details, sanitise your hands and be seated safely. 

  • Unless exempt (eg under-11s), you must wear a face covering indoors. If you forget your mask we will have some available.  

  • On the online booking form you will be asked to share a contact telephone number in line with the NHS Wales Test, Trace and Protect scheme. Your arrival and departure time will be recorded on arrival. If you have not shared these details we will record these details upon your arrival. These details will be securely kept for 21 days and then destroyed. We will only share this information with NHS Wales Test, Trace and Protect if requested.  

  • On arrival you will see a “please wait here” marker at the entrance to the porch, if you arrive at the same time as others or someone else is in the entrance porch then please wait until a steward invites you in.  

  • You will be shown to your allocated seat by a church steward. Households will be spaced 2m apart and you will only be able to sit with those in your household or extended household.  

  • We ask that you remain seated throughout the service.  

During the service

  • At this time due to the current issue of community transmission of the delta variant in Conwy there will continue to be no congregational singing indoors, but we will have a live musicians and a lead singer. We ask that you do not join in with singing at this time.  

  • You will need to maintain a social distance of 2m from those outside of your household or extended household, but please do not interact with anyone outside of your household if a safe distance of 2m cannot be maintained.   

  • At the end of the service those closest to the exit will be invited to leave first by the stewards.  

  • Please refrain from socialising with others whilst inside the building and on leave the building please make sure you leave enough space for other to pass you safely.  

Other Details

  • If you test positive for COVID-19 after attending one of our gatherings, we ask that you let us know. 

  • Bibles and Hymn Books will not be given out so please can you bring your own with you. Bible readings and song words will be projected on the screen.  

  • We will not be sharing communion together until the church leadership have agreed a way to do this safely. More details about this will be shared in due course.  

  • Tea and coffee will not be served after the service and you will be encouraged by the church stewards to leave the building promptly and without interacting with those outside of your household or extended household.  

  • Toilets are available but we would encourage you to only use these if you really need to and you will need to ensure social distancing whilst waiting to use the facilities. 

  • Be assured that we have full cleaning procedures in place for the building. 

  • We will endeavor to seat families with young children at a table which we hope will make it easier to keep them entertained during the service.  

  • The church toys will not be available for use during the service so please bring your own with you.  

  • If possible, please give to the church via bank rather than cash, if you need details about this please contact Eleri our church treasurer. However the offering boxes at the back of church will be available if you wish to give this way. 

  • Our COVID 19 risk assessment is available …. 

  • Still got questions? Ask away …  

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