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We love God out of a response to what he has done for us - It is not out of obligation, fear or religious piety. God shows his outrageous love for us in that, even despite our flaws, failure, and pride God has made a way that we can know him through Jesus. 

Each Other

When we follow Jesus we are brought into a family as we share one father. We primarily show this love for one another by pointing each other to Jesus. Our lives throw us many challenges, knowing Jesus will not prevent these but knowing more of Him will help us through such difficult times.



We believe in a God who has shown us great love and mercy. We have a God who changes lives, who comforts us and gives us hope. We have a God that has loved us despite our weakness and brokenness. This is the God we worship together and the hope that we want to share.


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What We Believe 

To read about what we believe and have a look at our doctrinal basis Click Here 


Meet The Pastors 

To meet the pastors Click Here 

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